Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Committees are a vital part of how Friends conduct business for the meeting. Below are the committees at Friends Memorial Church. Each page gives an overview of what each committee is doing.

Monthly Meeting Leadership
How we administer all business for the church.

Coordinating Council
Evangelism and Outreach         
How we promote the spiritual and numerical growth of the church.
Communications and Publications
How we develop knowledge of Friends in the church and the community.
Ministry and Oversight
How we handle religious matters for the church.

Stewardship and Finance
How we fund our church's business.

Peace and Christian Social Concerns
How we administrate our missions in the community.

Endowment Fund

Christian Education
How we coordinate education for our members such as Sunday School and Bible School.

Friends Preschool
Friends Memorial Church has a half day preschool serving the community.

How we nominate members for our committees.


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