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The core of the Quaker belief system is the idea that each person has their own direct connection to the divine. If a person honestly and persistently listens for leadings from the divine, no priestly intercession is required. However, by sharing our insights in corporate worship, we minister to each other as equals. Gathering in silence, we set the stage for richer experience of the divine.

Are Quakers Christian?

Quakerism was founded by radical Christians who sought to follow Jesus' example sometimes in a very extreme fashion. However, many non-Christians have felt led to Quakerism, and our practices and beliefs are suited to the creation of a community of great spiritual and religious diversity.

What can I expect on Sunday morning?

Friends Memorial Church combines traditional silent worship with more familiar elements, including a sermon and hymns.

8:30 to 9:30—Silent service—This service is entirely silent, save for spoken ministry from worshipers.

10:30—coffee and refreshments can be had at Fellowship time in the Fellowship hall.

11:00 to noon—Second service—This service includes a short period of silence, but is otherwise similarly structured in a traditional worship service style including announcements, prayer, a children's moment, the message, and hymns.

Following the silent service, there are classes for children and adults most weeks; the third Sunday of the month, Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business replaces the adult class. All are welcome to all activities; however, the Business Meeting may not be of significant interest to newcomers.

How should I dress?

You will see a range of formality. Quakerism makes no distinction between the sacred and the everyday, so anything that's acceptable for everyday wear is acceptable for worship.

Where can I find you?

The meetinghouse is located just west of downtown Muncie at 418 West Adams. The parking lot is located on the north (Jackson Street) side of the building. Please enter through the large glass doors with the overhang.

Is childcare available?

Yes. Please enter the large glass doors with the overhang, adjacent to the Jackson Street parking lot. After entering the building, go straight through the entrance, take a right, and the childcare room is located on the left. Should you be unable to find childcare, please ask around and someone will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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